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  • Crab Pendant: Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, the pendant takes the form of a detailed crab. The crab's claws and legs are intricately designed, capturing the essence of this marine creature. Its exoskeleton shimmers with the luster of sterling silver, providing a durable and elegant setting for the centerpiece.
  • To enhance the brilliance and protect the sterling silver, these earrings are given a rhodium finish. Rhodium is a member of the platinum metal group and is known for its exceptional shine and resistance to tarnish. This finish adds a bright, mirror-like surface to the sterling silver, ensuring that the earrings maintain their luster over time.

  • Larimar Gemstone: At the center of the crab pendant rests a Larimar gemstone. Larimar is renowned for its tranquil blue hues, reminiscent of the serene waters of the Caribbean. The Larimar gemstone exudes an aura of calm and balance, making it not only a beautiful addition but also a symbol of serenity.

Larimar Coastal Crawler Necklace

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